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Youth Devolpment


With gang activity and increased disconnection of youth from nuclear family relationships, we at Legendary Vision MK along with community leaders have come together to build bridges between our youth and their community. These bridges cultivate and nurture the hidden leadership qualities in our youth. The result is confident students who are committed to having a positive leadership role within their schools and community.

Our program introduces students to the realities, opportunities and challenges facing our region. The knowledge and experience that youth gain will impact their lives and enable them to grow and become involved in helping to shape a positive future for our community.

Sports Training

Sports are a great way of channeling feelings and emotion into something. The sports activities/ training we will offer, are basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. We include as many sports as we can to involve each child.

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Photography is a way of expressing ones feelings and thoughts. We will teach interested kids the basic skills of photography, to give them another way to express themselves in an extracurricular way.


With the help of experienced youth we offer classes that will teach the kids how to express themselves through dance. The most emotional way to express feelings.


We offer classes to teach the youth different instruments, ways to write songs, and ways to make beats.


Another way to keep the youth busy is to get their creative minds to work. We will offer classes that teach the youth the basics of drawing, coloring, and painting.