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The kids, young teenagers and Adults working together on lunch bags, care kits and dog food for the homeless community

Legendary is committed to solving homelessness for individuals and families, and making the community stronger and safer for all. Solving homelessness does not mean people will never again experience homelessness in Sacramento. It means LVMK and its partners have a coordinated responsive plan in place to ensure the safety, stability and success of our most vulnerable residents.

Handing out bag lunches, dog food and care kits to the men and women in the community

Legendary responds to community concerns regarding homelessness and engages with our homeless community members and partners. Legendary Vision MK connects them with resources that can provide housing and other services. Additionally, LVMK collaborates with service providers to help address the underlying causes of homelessness, and multiple options are available to assist each person. 

Links to resources for assistance